"Live life with your biography in mind." ~Marisha Pessl

By now you've probably figured out that I'm a creative and I love. So here's some stuff you may not know...

Me and my mama at my college graduation

Birth and Stuff

I was born an adorable round 9lbs gigantor with a full head of black hair on a snowy day in Boston, where I spent the first year of my life. My aunt Mary and grandmother, Yeya, used to fight over who would get to bathe me and pick out my hair bow. Unfortunately, that didn't last long, and now I bathe myself like a damn commoner.

My grandfather nicked named me "Gorda de Oro" which means "Fat of Gold."

I was raised in Miami, and my family/ancestry is Cuban, Spanish, and Basque. However, based on my looks, some of the ladies way back in the day must have gotten pretty frisky with a few Greek, Italian, and Arabic mailmen. 

baby 001 (1).jpg

Me at 2 and 1/2 weeks

Me and my mama at my college graduation

Family and Stuff

I LOVE my family! "Mess with them and I will murder you slowly" kind of love. And my "murder you" I probably mean sitting in a circle with family and cursing the ground you walk on and making fun of your stupid face. 

My mom is and has always been my number one fan (not in a gross stage mom way). She's the person I can count on no matter what!

I'm the oldest of five (four of grew up with my mom, and my dad had another). And, in true Latina fashion, have 100+ cousins, which includes all those extended family members we don't know the proper name for. 

How to Host a Murder

My family ready for "How to Host a Murder."

We really do love each other, I swear!

yeah it's blurry... whatever...

Me and my mama at my college graduation

Friends and Stuff

I've discovered this about my circle of friends: I keep it small, but when push comes to shove and I'm in need, there are more people there for me than I ever imagined. I am blessed. My closest friends are spread all over the place, so that makes it tough, but I love them dearly and forever.

If you've made me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts, you've made a friend for life. Unless you mess with my family, then I murder you slowly. See what I did there?


Laughing it up with my beautiful brazilian friend, Ana

Me and my mama at my college graduation

Education and Stuff

When I was in preschool, I told my teacher that another little girl said I colored like a baby. She responded, "well you do." Give me a break! What baby is color a pink sheep with coordinating periwinkle eyes?! Babies don't even know their colors!

I consider myself so luck when it comes to the teachers I've had in my life: perfectly placed along my journey. I've been continually inspired and challenged my entire life. 

Some of the most impactful teachers/coaches I've had: Ms. Cane (1st and 4th grade), Ms. Steward (7th and 8th grade, magnet program for acting), Ms. Steele (drama teacher 9th grade), Mr. Flay (high school drama teacher), Dr. Ken McCoy (theatre professor in college), Marco DiGeorge and Robb Maus (Truthful Acting Studios), and the brilliant Crystal Carson (personal coach and friend). Not to mention those writers and information sharers that I follow. Some people are just created to inspire.

grad with mom.jpg

Me and my mama at my graduation

Me and my mama at my college graduation

Saving Lives and Stuff

When I was 9 years old, my brother 7, we and mom lived with Tia Delfi on a lake.  The edge was a just algae covered rocks and a huge drop. My brother and I were fishing and he fell in. All I could see was the top of his head. Thinking fast and being amazing at keeping calm under pressure, I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him out of the water. Amazing right?! I told my mom that we should call the newspapers to share my heroic feat... I'm still waiting. 

Didn't stop there, as an adult, my sister was drowning and I jumped in the pool fully dressed to save her. Everyone, even her, insists that she was just swimming, and "little kids just look like their drowning when they're learning how to swim." Stupidest thing I've ever heard... I'm a fucking hero!

me and fe.jpg

My favorite pic of me and my brother

Me and my mama at my college graduation

Depression and Stuff

I share this not because it's any of your business, but because it's important to me to destigmatize mental illness. Whenever I share my struggle with depression, I always receive at least one well intentioned message about how I should be careful because someone might decide not to work with me based on that knowledge. And to that I say, "fuuuuuck them!" Until we start normalizing the discussion and living with different illnesses and disabilities, people will continue to discriminate against what they don't understand.

Depression, or any mental health or physical disability, affects all of us differently. Most of us are fully capable of working, creating, collaborating, running our lives, even (gasp*) running a team or business. Just have a fucking conversation for crying out loud!


Self portrait from 30 day self love challenge where I discussed my depression

Me and my mama at my college graduation

Cat Lady and Stuff

I tried to fight it as long as possible, but I finally got myself a damn cat. Her name is Pennywise (she was found in a gutter), and she's the most fluffy snuggly little shit I have ever met. She often crawls up on my shoulder at bedtime, and often comes over for a morning snuggle when I wake up. She always finds a way onto my lap when I'm working or watching TV... I think she thinks she's a lap dog. She does this little cat growl thing when I try to move her once she's comfortable which cracks me up.


Wake up early to workout? Not today

Me and my mama at my college graduation

Favorites and Stuff

These are a few of my fa-vor-ite things... and stuff

  • Best Sound: Babies and kids cracking up

  • Thing I notice most: Color... everywhere in everything

  • Best Movie of All Time: "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" Fight me.

  • Best TV series ever: "Quantum Leap" I heart Scott Bakula! Must work with him.

  • Favorite Novel: "Stranger in a Strange Land" ("Jackdaws" a close second)

  • Favorite Food: If I can still feel my lips when I'm done, not spicy enough.

  • Favorite Junk food: Raw Cookie Dough... Salmonella who?! Psh.

  • Biggest Fear: I'd tell you but I'm afraid you'd use it against me


Licking the bowl... my love affair with raw doughs and batters begins

Me and my mama at my college graduation

My business and Stuff

So about three weeks before the Covid shutdown, I started my company. It's fine... it'll be fine... it's fine. Admittedly, the pandemic affected my ability to fully focus on building this up, but the point of writing this, I'm finally getting it together. 

The goal of Cracked Halo Creative is to create content for creatives, build relationships, and eventually have a physical space where underrepresented people can collaborate. Through this company I currently am handling my acting coaching, project management, and studio rental, with the intention of also content creating, film making, producing, photography, and local art events. 

Check it out at CrackedHaloCreative.com


Logo my brother designed with me