Vanessa Aranegui

Bilingual Actress
SAG-AFTRA Eligible

Welcome to my website... enjoy!

I love the work, I love the growth, I love the risk, I love the art!
Demo Reel:
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Short Film: "Knock Knock" with Short Stop Studios
Won Audience Favorite and 2nd Place for Best Short
Deep Thought by Jack Handey #354: One of the worst things you can do as an actor, I think, is to forget your lines, and then get so flustered you start stabbing the other actors.

Some current happenings :)

In the process of updating all of my marketing materials, profiles, and social media plan. Got new post cards and demo up!

Writing an award winning short :)

Heading to Georgia this month for a 3-Day Intensive Workshop with Crystal Carson.

Current bout of inspiration

If I hold back, I'm no good. I'm no good. I'd rather be good sometimes, than holding back all the time.


~Janis Joplin